Online Business FormationRegister your business in India, USA and Singapore
Private Limited Company
6999 onwards
  • Ideal for start-ups and growing business
  • Easy to get VC investment & raise funds
  • Fast-track procedure available!
Limited Liability Partnership
5999 onwards
  • Ideal for professionals & software firms
  • Lesser formalities compared to a Pvt ltd
  • Difficult to get VC investment
Partnership Firm
1999 onwards
  • Ideal for home based businesses or hobby
  • No need to register
  • Partnership Agreement in 2-3 days
Proprietorship Registration
1999 onwards
  • Ideal for small traders and merchants
  • OPC is recommended over Proprietorship
  • Cannot raise VC funds
Your ideas, Your propertyProtect your brands, inventions and creative work
Trademark Application in the U.S.
3300 onwards
  • Get a Trademark in the dynamic market
  • We assist in the process with the U.S
  • Recognised in many countries as proof
Patent Application
5499 onwards
  • Protect your invention with a Patent
  • For software: Opt for Copyright
  • We offer end-to-end service
Copyright Registration
2499 onwards
  • Protect your creativ work with copyright
  • Books, literature, art work, music etc.
  • Software source code can be protected
Trademark Application
1999 onwards
  • If you have a brand, you need Trademark
  • Protect your Brand Name, Logo or Slogan
  • Start using TM Symbol in less than a day
Formalities can be boringLet us deal with these while you focus on business
Convert your Partnership into an LLP
8999 onwards
  • Ideal for scaling your Partnership
  • Get the benefit of Limited Liability
  • Fast-track procedure available!
Appointment / Removal of a Director
1499 onwards
  • Simple, online & hassle-free
  • Applicable to Pvt Ltd, OPCs and LLPs
  • Takes 7-10 days for completion
Convert Proprietorship into a Pvt Ltd Co
8999 onwards
  • Ideal to scale your Proprietorship
  • Necessary for investment /team expansion
  • Fast-track procedure available!
Company Law Compliance Package
9999 onwards
  • Certified Company Secretary on Retainer
  • Get updates every 7-10 days on progress
  • Expert available on call
Avoid Tax DefaultsGet your mandatory tax registration numbers
Service Tax Application Online
1999 onwards
  • Applicable for all service businesses
  • Includes professional services
  • Usually takes 7-10 days for completion
Profession Tax Application
2999 onwards
  • Applicable for all businesses
  • Compulsory Registration - So apply now
  • Usually takes 10-15 days for completion
Income Tax Return Filing
899 onwards
  • File IT Returns in the easiest way
  • Get advised by Certified CA
  • Can be completed in 3-5 days
Sales Tax / VAT Application
4999 onwards
  • Applicable for business selling products
  • Includes shops and restaurants
  • Usually takes 10-15 days
Get help for your CauseRegister your organization at lightning speed
Society Registration
6999 onwards
  • Ideal for communities and apartments
  • Registration is mandatory
  • Needs a minimum of 7 members to start
Set up a Trust
2799 onwards
  • Ensure financial security for your loved
  • Also for public and charitable causes
  • Needs a minimum of 2 members to start
Section 8 Company (NGO) in India
9999 onwards
  • Ideal if you want a Tax Exemption
  • Section 80G tax exemption is easier
  • Takes 90-120 days, fast-track available
Avoid legal hasslesGet an expert to draft your agreements for you
Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
1499 onwards
  • Define scope of confidential information
  • Make sure it remains protected
  • Avoid unwarranted disclosures
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
2799 onwards
  • Basis for future business relationship
  • Clarity on mutual promises
  • Easy to enter into future contracts
Employment Contract
1499 onwards
  • Protects employee as well as employer
  • Defines employee's role & responsibility
  • Lays down the terms of the employment
Service Level Agreement in India (SLA)
2799 onwards
  • Protects Service Providers and Customers
  • Clarifies scope and quality of service
  • Mutual understanding of responsibilities
Ask a LawyerGet help with your legal queries from an expert
Online Legal Advice
1499 onwards
  • Get advice from the best experts online
  • Sound guidance without leaving your home
  • Personal, property and business issues
Talk to a Lawyer in India
1499 onwards
  • Phone consultation with an expert
  • Complete refund if you are not satisfied
  • Legal advice on any issues
Investments made smoothWe help ensure that the formalities are done right
Shareholders' Agreement
9999 onwards
  • Defines relationship among shareholders
  • Protects shareholders' interests
  • Prevents disputes among shareholders
Draft / Review a Term Sheet
4999 onwards
  • Foundation for investment
  • Provides clarity on terms of investment
  • Fixes the timelines of investment

Share Purchase / Share Subscription Agreement

Prepare a Share Purchase / Share Subscri

Shareholder's Agreement

Shareholders' Agreement

Avoid Tax DefaultsService Tax, VAT, Profession Tax and more
Shop and Establishment License
999 onwards
  • Applies to all those having an office
  • Compulsory Registration - So apply now
  • Usually takes 10-15 days for completion
SSI Registration: Small Scale Industries
999 onwards
  • Applies to those with revenue <10 crores
  • Tax and interest benefits
  • Apply online: takes 4-7 days
Import Export Code (IE Code)
999 onwards
  • Mandatory for importing OR exporting
  • Also needed for software businesses
  • Service Tax Exemption possible
Trade License: Get one for your Business
999 onwards
  • Applies to all traders
  • Compulsory Registration - So apply now
  • Usually takes 10-15 days for completion
Know your numbersGet help in maintaining your books of accounts
Audit your Company
5000 onwards
  • Helps to maintain account regularly
  • Banks & Investors trust audited reports
  • Cheapest price in India
Get an accounting report
1000 onwards
  • Get expert prepared accounting report
  • Access your financial position
  • Accounting & Audit consultation included
Exercise your right todayGet help in filing an application in the right way
RTI Application: Right to Information
499 onwards
  • Take advantage of a very powerful right
  • Our experts draft your application
  • Get your rights without leaving home
Property concerns? Ask usFrom sale deeds to expert advice. We do it all.
Sale / Purchase Deed
4999 onwards
  • Looking to buy or sell property?
  • Clarity on terms of the sale
  • Avoid future disputes
Review Agreements
1499 onwards
  • Get expert opinion on your agreement
  • Make sure you are protected
  • Minimize legal liability
Rent and Lease Agreement
299 onwards
  • Protects landlord and tenant
  • Establishes terms of tenancy
  • Clarity on rent, duration, renewal, etc.
Power of Attorney
1499 onwards
  • Let someone act on your behalf
  • Buy/sell property without being present
  • Enter into transactions remotely
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Hrishikesh Datar, who, while studying at the National Law School, Bangalore, realised the need to make lawyers and legal services accessible to the common man. In conversation with, Dattar talks about his venture.

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Arunprasad Durairaj planned to quit his Seoul job and start a venture in India. He wanted to incorporate his firm, but getting a lawyer is no mean task: Their charges and quality of service vary, and it is impossible to get one without prior reference. Durairaj, who got in touch with vakilsearch, got his company incorporated even before landing in India.